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02 Dec 2020HK Dinaburga Daugavpils - JLSS Zemgale (Optibet Hokeja Liga)1-4
28 Nov 2020JLSS Zemgale - HS Prizma Riga (Optibet Hokeja Liga)7-1
25 Nov 2020HK Dinaburga Daugavpils - HK Mogo (Optibet Hokeja Liga)3-5
24 Nov 2020HS Prizma Riga - JLSS Zemgale (Optibet Hokeja Liga)5-6 SO
22 Nov 2020HK Olimp Riga - JLSS Zemgale (Optibet Hokeja Liga)2-1
21 Nov 2020HK Mogo - HS Prizma Riga (Optibet Hokeja Liga)7-1
21 Nov 2020HK Liepaja - HK Dinaburga Daugavpils (Optibet Hokeja Liga)4-5
19 Nov 2020HK Liepaja - HS Prizma Riga (Optibet Hokeja Liga)6-0
18 Nov 2020JLSS Zemgale - HK Mogo (Optibet Hokeja Liga)3-1
18 Nov 2020HK Dinaburga Daugavpils - HK Olimp Riga (Optibet Hokeja Liga)4-7
15 Nov 2020HK Mogo - HK Liepaja (Optibet Hokeja Liga)4-1
14 Nov 2020HK Dinaburga Daugavpils - JLSS Zemgale (Optibet Hokeja Liga)6-4
14 Nov 2020HS Prizma Riga - HK Olimp Riga (Optibet Hokeja Liga)2-4
10 Nov 2020HS Prizma Riga - HK Dinaburga Daugavpils (Optibet Hokeja Liga)7-4
03 Nov 2020HS Prizma Riga - HK Dinaburga Daugavpils (Optibet Hokeja Liga)5-4
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Liiga games between December 3 and 19 postponed

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